Who is Mike anyway?

One of the few legally certified drone operators in the Netherlands

The Safe, Certified Drone Team

Flying Mikes are so called because the name of two of the company’s founders is Mike – one of whom is the pilot, the other the cameraman. Although we have experience with a few different models, we currently mostly fly DJI’s Inspire 1 drone – it allows the pilot to do the flying part, and at the same time allows the camera operator to shoot footage using a different controller.

The word “drone” has had some negative press of late, so our aim is to redefine it as a small unmanned quadcopter that takes amazing aerial photography and video footage. We only fly in legally approved zones; we always respect privacy; and we’re one of the few legally certified operators of these machines in the Netherlands. To read more about the BNUC-S qualification that we possess, take a look at EuroUSC’s website.




Mike Condon

Mike Condon

Drone pilot and video editor

Founder and first drone pilot, Mike has taken all the certification tests necessary to fly unmanned aircraft legally in most EU countries. He’s also a skilled video editor and film maker. Check out his portfolio at Michael William Media for examples of both aerial drone videos and hand-held camerawork that he has shot and edited.

Mike Miello

Mike Miello

Business developer and marketeer

Founder Mike is the entrepreneur behind Webodew  – a full-service web-marketing agency. One of the many services he offers is professional video editing and production – which makes Flying Mikes a natural string to his bow. He’s in charge of online marketing and of course our aerial camera.

Vicky Hampton

Vicky Hampton

Camera operator and social media

Vicky is not a Mike – spooky. She just decided to get in on the action before yet another Mike did. Better known for her blog, Amsterdam Foodie, and for her role as Editorial and Content Manager for Eating Europe Food Tours, Vicky is in charge of the Flying Mikes’ content and social media, and is often to be found (wo)manning the camera controls.